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Work: So What Do You Do?

When you are in the Youth Development (YD) Sector of Peace Corps, the title above is a loaded question. We have 3 main frameworks to give us some guidance. They are World of Work, Life Skills, and Healthy Environment. Since all of PCVs in Morocco work in YD, there are all kinds of activities, clubs, and camps going on all year round.

I live in a small site of about 2,000 people. We have a lot of small villages in the surrounding area, called duwars. A lot of the students in these areas come to my site for school, so there are a lot of children running around!

I came to my site toward the end of the school year in April. I picked up the last volunteer’s classes to get to know some of the kids and to get a feel for how work would be. I taught an English class at the Dar Chabab (Youth House) and Art with 3 Pre-K classes. Since it was the end of the year, my English students stopped coming to class in order to study for all of their end of the year exams and the BAC. My Pre-K classes lasted through June until I had to leave for IST.

Children in Morocco don’t get the chance to express themselves in creative ways. There is a lot of rote memorization and exact copying in the schools. While my Art classes are very exciting for American standards, the kids here loved them:


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Welcome To My Blog!

Its always hard to write the first post of a new blog. I figured it would be good to start off with something easy to write about, such as a holiday, event, or vacation. So what makes today special?



Yup, I turned 22 on August 18th! After your 21st, you don’t really have parties and such so I took myself shopping. Later, i watched WWE Summer Slam with sime friends. They got me an awesome oreo birthday cake and cookie…



Now that I’ve got the hang of writing a post, what is my blog about?

This blog is going to be the place where I document my life before, during, and after my Peace Corps service. I have accepted my invitation to Morocco for Youth Development 2014-2016. Before I leave there are a couple of fitness and personal goals that I want to accomplish. I will explain those goals in future posts. I hope to inspire my readers to accomplish their goals and help future Peace Corps volunteers by sharing my experiences.

Please comment, follow, and keep me accountable while I try to complete my goals.