What Had Happened Was… | February & March

February and March have been easy and consistent work months. Nothing too crazy has happened. What Had Happened Was…


~Since I was sick in January I lost my mixed Adult English Class, but that’s okay because I started a new class for women!

~We got IYF started! IYF (International Youth Foundation) has a ‘Passport to Success’ program which teaches youth various life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, health issues, etc.

~ I learned how to make homemade bread. This picture is a fail but with practice, I will get better.


~Valentine’s weekend, my boyfriend came to visit me and we made Valentine’s Day cards with my high school students.


~ We got so much snow we didn’t have electricity for about 40 hours.

Snow play
Snow play

~ I decorated my house! House tour video TBA!




~I finished the entire show of “The Flash”, “Arrow”, and “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

~I hennaed my hair. It’s barely noticeable so sorry no pictures :(

~I met the new volunteer that will be replacing Anna, my closest volunteer. Nina loved her host family and is enthused to work in her new home for 2 years.

~I absolutely love the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ soundtrack and in looking up more music from some of the artists, I stumbled upon the artist, Gorgon City. IN LOVE!!!!

~Traveled up north to help DJ get some items from a COS-ing volunteer. I got some goodies myself. I got a blender, coffee maker, spices, coconut oil, etc.

~I went to see the waterfalls and picnicked with my students.

~Created my vision/inspiration boards:


~Apparently, my allergies act up even in the desert. I’m glad I have these:


~We re-opened the Nedi Neswi. Hopefully, I can work there again soon.

TR3mendous Love,



What Had Happened Was… | January

This year, I’m starting a new series titled, ‘What Had Happened Was.’ This will be a month in review post to show things that I might not have blogged about and to sum up what I did that month.

What had happened in January was…

~I was in Rabat for Medical off and on for about 3 weeks. I’m proud that this was the first time I had to go to Rabat for Medical and I’ve been in country a year already. This is the volunteer lounge where I spent much time using the WiFi between appointments.


~I did get a helmet while in Rabat. Unfortunately, I left it on the bus when I got to site…oops.DSCN1937

~My last day in Rabat, I went to Sushi Box and had this lovely Bento Box for lunch before heading back to site.DSCN1934

~ I took this picture from the bus on the way home. I just want people to know that IT DOES SNOW IN MOROCCO!20150123_095951~The day after I get home, I find a concert in my Dar Chabab! There was singing and skits were performed.20150125_155512

~Once I was finally able to stay in site, one of my host-family members was able to install my hot water heater; Yay for hot running water!!!


~While back in site, I was also able to, finally, find a bike and a heater. I bought them from a nearby city. Peace Corps reimburses us for these purchases, however, you have to have previous Country Director approval before purchasing a bike and a volunteer must buy a heater their first winter in order to be reimbursed.DSCN1947

~I did make a post about Care Packages. This is a package from my parents. It actually arrived the day after Christmas but I was at a PCV  party in Figuig, then I got sick and left for Rabat. So I didn’t ‘receive’ it until January.

Jan. 2015 Christmas Gift from Mom and Dad.
Jan. 2015 Christmas Gift from Mom and Dad.

~ This is my homemade Christmas with the new additions of Christmas cards and lights from the care package above.  I had a long Christmas celebration!


~ Finally, I treated myself to a DIY at home spa day and decided to straighten my hair. I did straighten it for Thanksgiving but it rained in Rabat so it got super puffy.

Thanksgiving Hair
January Hair

Tr3mendous Love,