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What Had Happened Was… | January

This year, I’m starting a new series titled, ‘What Had Happened Was.’ This will be a month in review post to show things that I might not have blogged about and to sum up what I did that month.

What had happened in January was…

~I was in Rabat for Medical off and on for about 3 weeks. I’m proud that this was the first time I had to go to Rabat for Medical and I’ve been in country a year already. This is the volunteer lounge where I spent much time using the WiFi between appointments.


~I did get a helmet while in Rabat. Unfortunately, I left it on the bus when I got to site…oops.DSCN1937

~My last day in Rabat, I went to Sushi Box and had this lovely Bento Box for lunch before heading back to site.DSCN1934

~ I took this picture from the bus on the way home. I just want people to know that IT DOES SNOW IN MOROCCO!20150123_095951~The day after I get home, I find a concert in my Dar Chabab! There was singing and skits were performed.20150125_155512

~Once I was finally able to stay in site, one of my host-family members was able to install my hot water heater; Yay for hot running water!!!


~While back in site, I was also able to, finally, find a bike and a heater. I bought them from a nearby city. Peace Corps reimburses us for these purchases, however, you have to have previous Country Director approval before purchasing a bike and a volunteer must buy a heater their first winter in order to be reimbursed.DSCN1947

~I did make a post about Care Packages. This is a package from my parents. It actually arrived the day after Christmas but I was at a PCV ¬†party in Figuig, then I got sick and left for Rabat. So I didn’t ‘receive’ it until January.

Jan. 2015 Christmas Gift from Mom and Dad.
Jan. 2015 Christmas Gift from Mom and Dad.

~ This is my homemade Christmas with the new additions of Christmas cards and lights from the care package above.  I had a long Christmas celebration!


~ Finally, I treated myself to a DIY at home spa day and decided to straighten my hair. I did straighten it for Thanksgiving but it rained in Rabat so it got super puffy.

Thanksgiving Hair
January Hair

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Work: So What Do You Do?

When you are in the Youth Development (YD) Sector of Peace Corps, the title above is a loaded question. We have 3 main frameworks to give us some guidance. They are World of Work, Life Skills, and Healthy Environment. Since all of PCVs in Morocco work in YD, there are all kinds of activities, clubs, and camps going on all year round.

I live in a small site of about 2,000 people. We have a lot of small villages in the surrounding area, called duwars. A lot of the students in these areas come to my site for school, so there are a lot of children running around!

I came to my site toward the end of the school year in April. I picked up the last volunteer’s classes to get to know some of the kids and to get a feel for how work would be. I taught an English class at the Dar Chabab (Youth House) and Art with 3 Pre-K classes. Since it was the end of the year, my English students stopped coming to class in order to study for all of their end of the year exams and the BAC. My Pre-K classes lasted through June until I had to leave for IST.

Children in Morocco don’t get the chance to express themselves in creative ways. There is a lot of rote memorization and exact copying in the schools. While my Art classes are very exciting for American standards, the kids here loved them:


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