What is a Global Citizen? Am I one?

This post is part of Blogging Abroad’s 2017 New Years Blog Challenge, week one: Global Citizenship.

“It’s a small world because of the internet.”

“Why should I worry about their issues?”

“Globalization is…”

“I need to learn (insert language) to get a better job.”


From the casual traveler to the expat, more people are traveling the world than ever before. There are various reasons: for a job, collaboration, freedom of lifestyle, gaining new experiences, etc. As more people travel, we gain more information about a country, its people, language, and culture. Between journalists and people posting on social media, our world has become globalized. Even though we have access to this kind of information and we collaborate scientifically, politically, and economically, does this make us global citizens?

Not exactly.

A Global Citizen is a person who

a.) purposefully educates one’s self on the current events happening in the world and the impact those events could have on other countries.

b.) actively engages in bettering the social, political, economic, or cultural standing of their home country, the country they live in, or another country of their choosing for the sustainability and growth of this globalized world.


These actions can manifest in many ways:

  • reading up on world news
  • volunteering in your country or in another
  • practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle
  • buying products from ethically aware brands and companies


I have to admit, that during these last 3 months in South Korea, I probably haven’t been as active of a global citizen as I’d like beyond keeping up with the world news. I definitely felt I did more as a global citizen during my years with Peace Corps Morocco. However, I am still broadening other’s idea of what a ‘typical’ American is or a ‘typical’ African-American should be or how a ‘typical’ female should act. I suppose in my own way I am still an active global citizen.

Are you a global citizen?