What Had Happened Was… | April & May


Honestly, there isn’t much to report for April. I had somewhat consistent attendance for my classes until the end of the month of which I had near to no students. By this point, I had been in site for about 2 1/2 months without going more than 2 hours away. I needed a break.


The reason I didn’t post any in May was because of all the traveling I was doing. I did have some internet access but it wasn’t consistent. I’ve meant to figure out ways to add small content posts to this blog to have more regular postings.

I’m lucky because I can go to big cities like Rabat on one 10 hour bus (as compared to other volunteers who travel over 20 hours and much split the trip because the way the buses are scheduled). Even so, 10 hours is tiring. Therefore, if I cross the mountains, I try to stay on that side unless I have more than 5 days before my next destination. This is not only because the traveling cost and time but also because my site is so small that we only have a weekly market day. If I can’t make it home by Monday or will only be home for a few days that it doesn’t make sense to buy food, then I don’t go home.

As such, I will plan my work and travel so that time is not wasted. Hence, May was a full month of traveling!

Here are the links to posts about the work and sites I visited in May:

Buying carpets in Nia’s site, Tazankht

Taking blood pressure at the Rose Festival in Kelaa M’Gouna

My parents came to Morocco!

Tr3mendous Love,



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