Buying Amazigh Carpets

Since my parents are coming at the end of May, I convinced them to take a suitcase full of souvenirs home with them. First stop is Taznakht for carpets and rugs. My staj mate, Nia lives here and helped me find the co-operatives that sold the carpets and had good prices. I went to Taznakht thinking I would get 3-4 carpets…I bought 9. However, I did end up reselling two to other volunteers. I knew I wanted relatively small carpets meaning no more than 2 meters maximum and that’s pushing it.

All of the carpets pictured below are ones that I bought:

*MAD: Moroccan Dirham- about 9.6 to $1 and 10 to 1 Euro

*Double Face: meaning it looks the same of both sides so it doesn’t matter which side is up.

400MAD: Mosaic Style
200MAD: 2m, sold to another PCV
300MAD: 2 meters
300MAD: 1.5meter, Double Face, Sold to another PCV
150MAD: less than a meter
200MAD: Map Style, Double Face, 1m
200MAD: 1m

Bonus Pictures of awesome murals:

Tr3mendous Love,



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