First Month In Site

The day after PC Morocco Swearing-In is a bitter-sweet one. The morning consists of a lot of goodbyes, goodlucks, and farewells. 101 of us were off to our final sites. Some people had an hour or two trip while some had a two-day trip.

Thankfully, my site was only a day away and I got to ride the CTM bus with several other staj mates. One by one, we were dropping like flies. After about a 7 hour ride, I arrived to Rich, which is my closest major city. I was dropped off at a gas station outside of the city and had to get a taxi into the city to wait on my PCV that I was replacing.

There was some speculation that I wasn’t only given my site because of my talents and skills but also because I was a relatively identical to the COSing volunteer. So it was no surprise to me to see another African-American women with natural hair come up to me and greet me with a hug. We got into another taxi and began the hour-long ride to my new home.

I only had about 2 weeks with Ed’Rienna and I like to think I made the most of them. We took pictures with people and families she wanted to give gifts to and I got to meet some really awesome people who I know won’t mind helping me with future projects. I was quite impressed with how much she could understand in Darija (Moroccan Arabic) and I hope I will understand just as much in two years.

Then she left me. It was time to say good-bye. Although, I felt that I had lost a friend that I had just met, I knew that she was ready to go and I was ready to stay. Whatever reason I was given this site, I plan to make the most of it.

Thus, begins the never-ending journey of integration. While I can tell you that I do have 3 art classes on Wednesday and an English class on Friday and Saturday, I am working everyday. Everyday, when a volunteer steps out of their apartment and greets their neighbors, plays with the children, eats at someone’s house, or is creating a lesson plan, we are working.

I have to admit it’s very different from a 9-5 job (yes, I’ve had one). There are times when I’m bored and decide to clean the house, cook, exercise, or do my hair. Other times I feel overwhelmed with planning lessons or wondering if I’m a good enough teacher. Are these kids really going to benefit from me being here? This is working too; keeping up with my mental and physical health and aspiring to do more and better things for my new community.

I ran home in a ran storm yesterday and some youth standing under an awning cheered me on. That’s working too.

Tr3mendous Love,


4 thoughts on “First Month In Site

  1. Hello Soror! I found your blog when google searching Delta Sigma Theta Morocco. Congrats on surviving your first month in the Peace Corp and striving to succeed everyday. I am currently in Tangier till August with he Critical Language Scholarship Program and all my classes, too are held in Arabic and my vocabulary is poor. Its really frustrating most days but your blog really helped me to see that everyone goes through and that there is another Soror in the country!

    KI FA12 #11

    1. I’m glad that my blog has been a help to you. There are actually 3 Deltas serving with Peace Corps Morocco. Hopefully I will be in Tangier in late August maybe we can meet up.

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