10 Reasons Why I Survived Peace Corps Training

I couldn’t have worded this any better. My fellow PCT mate did an awesome job with this post.

Abbey Kate

Peace Corps Volunteers in Morocco comment that the 10-week Community Based Training (CBT) process is one of the most difficult parts of service. We are expected to sit in class from 6-10 hours per day learning an unwritten dialect of Arabic, prepare and teach classes at the Dar Shabab (most often in Arabic) on topics ranging from goal setting to beginner English, and come home to families with whom we share no common language. On top of that, we have technical skills trainings with the Peace Corps once a month and weekly progress checks on our language skills. I’ve even had to re-learn parts of my daily routine that I’ve practiced with ease for over twenty years – such as bathing, using the bathroom and feeding myself. With the (very little) spare time I have left, I barely squeeze in yoga sessions and chats with my family in America. It’s…

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