60 Days Until Staging!

November 14, 2013 is exactly 60 days before January 13, 2013, my staging date. Sixty days are a critical in the Peace Corps because the invitee must have all of their medical and dental paperwork submitted for clearance. I was originally set to leave August 2013, however, I had my braces installed in March 2013. I couldn’t leave for the Peace Corps with braces on and the Medical staff needed to know when my braces would be taken off and set my new staging date at least 60 days after that. I was pushed from leaving in August 2013 to November 2013 and later moved to January 2014 because that’s when programs would be available for my experience.

60 days…2 months left.

I have exactly 60 days left in Arkansas.

I have exactly 60 days to say good-bye to loved ones.

I have exactly 60 days to pack for the next 2 years of my life. (Okay that’s a little extreme since I only have t pack for the next 3 months, plus some summer clothes, BUT STILL)

I have exactly 36 days before my last day of work.

I am a little scared, a little nervous, a little sad, really excited, a little antsy, and slightly ADD in my PC research.

I spent the day at two Peace Corps Recruitment presentations. I helped to answer questions about the application process and hearing why younger students were interest in the Peace Corps reminded me why I wanted to go and my expectations and ambitions. I can’t ever forget those.

I’ll need them when I feel bored and alone.

I’ll need them when I feel frustrated and upset.

I’ll need them when I realize I have fulfilled them.

I’ll need them when I think I’ve failed.

Always remember why you started your journey, project, goal because it will keep you going.

Tr3mendous love,



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