Can’t Live Without…

As I think about what to pack for the Peace Corps, you begin to think about what you absolutely need, what can wait to be shipped, and what you can live without. As I initially prepared my mind for leaving the U.S. and my family, my research showed that there is a wide spectrum of luxuries or the lack of while serving in the Peace Corps. I caught myself repeating during my various interviews, “As long as I have my Kindle, I’ll be okay.”

This is of course not out of my love for my Kindle but out of my love for books and stories. Even awhile I am still in Arkansas, I find myself drawn to my books when I’m tired, stressed, bored, etc. There is just something about diving into another world or someone else’s life that is a luxury for me.

What’s your luxury? What can’t you live without?

Tr3mendous love,



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