Welcome To My Blog!

Its always hard to write the first post of a new blog. I figured it would be good to start off with something easy to write about, such as a holiday, event, or vacation. So what makes today special?



Yup, I turned 22 on August 18th! After your 21st, you don’t really have parties and such so I took myself shopping. Later, i watched WWE Summer Slam with sime friends. They got me an awesome oreo birthday cake and cookie…



Now that I’ve got the hang of writing a post, what is my blog about?

This blog is going to be the place where I document my life before, during, and after my Peace Corps service. I have accepted my invitation to Morocco for Youth Development 2014-2016. Before I leave there are a couple of fitness and personal goals that I want to accomplish. I will explain those goals in future posts. I hope to inspire my readers to accomplish their goals and help future Peace Corps volunteers by sharing my experiences.

Please comment, follow, and keep me accountable while I try to complete my goals.


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